Welcome to Old Bellamy Farm


We bought the farm!!  Click here for information about the farm location.

This site is being used to collect information about regenerative agriculture, livestock, permaculture, and homesteading in north-central Florida.  In addition, it documents our journey as we slowly build the farm and attempt to build our knowledge base through research and work.

Site Organization

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Goals for 2019

Below are our (mostly modest and achievable) goals for the upcoming year.

  1. Create a comprehensive business plan.. even though I am sure it will be fundamentally flawed.. ;)
  2. Widen and pave a portion of the service road, to allow trucks with trailers to navigate the road more easily and allow our neighbors easier access through our service road.
  3. Put perimeter deer fencing around the majority of the property.
  4. Plant orchard and shade trees throughout the two pastures, per our evolving land use planning.
  5. Build small tool sheds (possibly mobile) to hold tools close to where we will be working.
  6. Build the animal barn in the lower pasture, with animal stalls and more storage.
  7. Complete planning for the garage/workshop structure and have it built.
  8. Continue to build our homesteading skills, through practice and classes.
  9. Begin building the soil where we will be growing vegetables by planting cover crops in that area.
  10. Investigate and possibly complete purchasing small intersecting triangles of property that poke into our pasture.

You can see our goals for 2018 and how we did here.